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Scheduling GYM

Thank you for your interest in scheduling information for Gwendolyn G. Young. You may use this information to schedule her for ministry and/or training of ministry workers. Due to the active schedule, bookings are usually at least 3-5 months in advance and availability is contingent upon events already scheduled.

For Gwendolyn G. Young to speak with your congregation, we ask that you: (1) cover her travel expenses; and (2) that you provide either an honorarium (the amount is completely at your discretion) or a love offering. Specific costs for training will be provided upon receipt of the completed Scheduling Request Form.

Upon confirmation of Gwendolyn’s participation, our office will bill the charges for travel. We request that full payment be received 1 month prior to the event. Those expenses include: transportation (either the cost of the ticket if by plane, or the standard IRS business mileage reimbursement if by car); car rental (if she arrives by plane); hotel lodging; meals (calculated at the standard IRS business rate); miscellaneous fees (parking, airport tips, tolls, fees, etc.). We will refrain from extravagances and simply seek to keep things economical and moderate, including transportation, lodging, car rentals, meals, etc. Travel accommodations can be booked at