Knowing God And Making Him Known


Africa Mission 2007

May 17-29, 2007 (Uganda)

July 9-21, 2007 (Kenya)

July 22-August 12, 2007 (Ghana) 

Here Am I, Send Me ...  Jesus’ command to the Church was, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost”! Yes, His ‘Great Commission’ is a command to which each of us must respond. We must each consider our part in the “go ye”. Will you physically go or will you ‘go’ by sending others? These are the only options before each member of the Body of Christ.We will be preaching, teaching, serving, witnessing, and using all of our gifts to minister to the people of Kenya. During our stay, we will be interacting with Kenyans from our host ministries and helping to meet local needs. We will become better “world Christians” as a result of the personal and spiritual growth derived from the experience.

Kenya '07 Mission Team

Pastor John Atieno (Kenya); Gail Fields (VA) Linda Sanders (NJ) Harriett Reddrick (VA) Joyce Scott (NJ); Dr. Verneeta Williams (VA) Rev. Gwendolyn Young (VA) Rev. LaVerne Stevens (GA)



Praise Reports ...


Dear Rev. Gwendolyn,

I want to thank God very much and bless His holy name for the wonderful teaching you taught us during lunch hours at Fido Dido on Kampala Road. May the Lord continue anointing you as you fulfill the purpose for which He has called you in Jesus' mighty name. I am one of the ladies who gave you a first hug when we were allowed to come and greet you and said that I will be in touch with you as I got your contact. Blessings.

From Pastor RICHARD MUKISA, Refiners Fire Tabernacle, Kampala, Uganda

Hello Gwendolyn G. Young, I greet you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; I would first thank you for the wonderful ministry you did while in Uganda. Particularly for me, I attended your one week teaching at the Lunch Hour Fellow at Fido Dido were you ministered with Pastor James Kato. It was one of the greatest teachings I have ever experienced in my life, my sister. I was so blessed that I couldn't miss any single day. After that, I went and studied what you had taught us and the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to many things concerning the Spiritual Gifts. So for the whole the month of June, I have been teaching the same things in our church and God has blessed his people so much. I was even called to minister at another church and still I felt inspired to speak about spiritual gifts and tell people were much more blessed than even our church. I am planning to begin on the teaching of the PERSON OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AND HOW ONE CAN BE FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. To let you know my sister our Church is only 2yrs so there's a great need for the teaching ministry since God has not yet raised them, that’s why I fill that burden to teach God's people not only in our church but teachings are lacking in most of our churches and as result we are attacked by many false doctrines, hope you get my point. I need you to send me various teaching that you know can help grow different church and particularly ours. Where you can't reach, I can reach for you through your teachings, because they are really on doctrine.

From Pastor REUBEN ODAGO, Ahero, Kenya

Dear Sister Gwendolyn Young,

Remember AHERO KENYA 2007 JULY 12th - 16th. Please come again to Ahero, Kenya. And if you may not come, please send to us another asset with your gifts to come to us. My legs were permanently healed. The Doctrine of Baptisms was clearly put to us. You are a Heavenly Asset. We are praying God with you so that He will enable you with timing and the required provision needed next year 2008. My legs were healed but not my Eyes. Come once more Sister Gwendolyn.


From Pastor JOHN ATIENO, Host Pastor, River of Life Ministries - Kisumu, Kenya

Dear Gwendolyn,

It was and still is a blessing to have you here. The power packed teachings the ability to dig deeper even to the finer details and the simplicity in presenting the infallible truth is still fresh and live in us. You and your team have left a mark in our hearts that will take years to be erased. Thanks a lot for having the spiritual burden to the people of Kenya, sacrificially stepping out of the comfort zone to bring the precious word that has transformed so many lives, going with the numerous testimonies I have received since you left through church leaders and people who attended the crusade. I have been able to meet again with the church leaders and to assess the outcome of both the crusade and pastors' seminar and I been overwhelmed by the touchy testimonies that have been received. One lady confessed to me that she had been having the issue of blood for 3 years and she had been to different hospitals and witch doctors in vain. She boldly declares now that since you prayed for her at the crusade the issue is completely gone. Another lady also testifies that she came forward in faith for here husband who was alcoholic and battering her all along when you were praying to people at the crusade since that day the husband has never tested alcohol and now saved. Another pastor said that he had been having a cancerous growth on his stomach that has been paining him for years, he testifies that he no longer feels the pain and the growth has disappeared. Another pastor also said when he came to the seminar he had left his wife seriously sick and bed ridden, when he went back after the seminar he was amazed to be met by his wife at the gate. The young boy who was epileptic is ever the more praising God for his healing. There are about 7 people who said they were healed of migraines and 13 healed of backache. The churches have noted improved growth in numerical strength particularly churches in Ahero town. The pastors are grateful for the power packed seminar that opened their spiritual eyes on gifts. For sure the pastors now have a changed mentality. May God bless and anoint you the more. Everybody that attended the training has something to testify about. God truly worked thru you and we give Him back the glory. We are praying and praying for next year.

Thanks and God bless, John



Ministry Projects & You

Medical Mission

Dr. Verneeta Williams led the medical team. We set up a triage unit, pharmacy, exam room, and a prayer station with sparce resources and great creativity. Dr. Williams personally saw and treated approximately 200 patients in 4 days! Rev. Stevens and Rev. Young prayed for the patients after they were treated by the doctor. God continued to prove Himself with signs, wonders and miraculous healings!



Walking Bank: Dairy Goat Breeding

This project enables poor widows in Kenya to engage in  income generating activities that  make them self reliant to provide for the family’s needs. Dairy goats breed twice a year and are easy to rear and feed.  A goat becomes a woman’s “Walking Bank” by giving her family sustainable income and a constant source of nutrition. $150 will  purchase a goat for a Kenyan woman and her family.  

We purchased 10 goats this year!


Helping Orphans

The orphanage and school currently administers aid to 75 students under the age of 6. We took them school supplies, personal care items and treats. They sang to us and were quite eager to share what they were learning.


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